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The Power of Our Personalized, Adaptive Learning Platform

Competency Based

Employees master one competency at a time – at their own pace – until they’ve mastered the course. Learners who need more help are presented with hints and redirected toward less complex activities to shore up their understanding and boost their confidence. When the foundations are mastered, the learner is able to advance to more challenging material. Our go-at-your-own-pace approach has been shown to reduce training times by 20-55% and increase on-the-job application and performance.

Instant Feedback

Similar to a one-on-one tutor, our dashboard and Progress Meter keep employees updated on their progress and performance to increase engagement and motivation. Our Hint engine targets remediation for each learner to help them close any potential knowledge gaps. And our "Good To Knows" scaffold knowledge with additional context to increase real-world application and compliance.


Unlike other platforms, we put learners in the driver's seat. They can choose to Watch (typically some multimedia), Read (text with accompanying visuals) or Practice (interactive exercises), in any order. The choice is theirs. Allowing people to control their learning experience has been shown to greatly increase engagement and motivation.

Predictive Analytics

Our personalized learning creates a unique set of data on each learner. By collating key data points, such as the depth and degree each concept has been mastered, Fulcrum’s analytics can help you make discoveries and predictions that impact your bottom line, such as identifying learners who are at risk of not applying the training on the job.

Optimal Challenge

To create a more personalized, efficient experience for the learner, we’ve combined a micro-learning framework with adaptive technology. The platform's AI continually assesses the learner’s performance and behavior and adjusts, in real-time, to find the most “Optimal Challenge” for each learner, just like a great one-on-one tutor. It’s a motivational strategy used successfully across the gaming industry to increase engagement and performance, and prevent boredom and frustration.

Actionable Insights

Quickly assess each student’s progress. Discover your All Stars. Pinpoint which students are struggling, where they need help, and why they are not mastering learning objectives. Our analytics also evaluate content efficacy, flagging problematic assessments.

We help

  • Master Skills
  • Apply Knowledge
  • Build Confidence
  • Learn At Their Own Pace
  • Verify Mastery
  • Predict Outcomes
  • Reduce Training Times
  • Reduce Risk
  • Maximize Training ROI

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