Brandon Hall recognizes Fulcrum training program with Gold Award

Fulcrum Honored With Second Brandon Hall Excellence Award

Patrick Weir
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The Brandon Hall Group awarded Fulcrum the 2016 Gold for Best Advancement in Technology for Testing or Learning Evaluation. The award was based on a detailed case study of Fulcrum’s partnership with Allegiant Air to create, power, and implement a Basic Indoctrination course for Allegiant’s pilots.

Training Bottleneck

At the time that Allegiant approached us, they frequently had groups of newly hired pilots “on-hold” because there was no available classroom space or instructor to train them. This training bottleneck was stalling Allegiant’s growth by impeding their ability to increase the frequency of flights, add new routes, and expand into new locations. The challenge was similar to many of our other projects: create a course that could make training faster and more efficient. The new twist for us here was meeting the rigorous safety and compliance demands of the Federal Aviation Administration, including preparing pilots for the FAA’s high-stakes written and oral exams.

Saving Time & Growing Your Business

For Allegiant Air, success translated into compliance training that, quantifiably, saved both time and money. Our holistic approach – combining learning science and engaging content – coupled with our Personalized, Adaptive Learning & Predictive Analytics (PALPA™) platform allowed Allegiant to move a large portion of their training out of the classroom and to an online format. This enabled new hires to move through the required training at their own pace.

With no physical classroom bottlenecks or instructor resource limitations, Allegiant’s pilots finished their training 30-40% faster. Further, the training is saving Allegiant over $5,000 per pilot.

Analytics & 100% Pass Rates

During the course, instructors have been able to pinpoint who is struggling, what material they are struggling with and why. “With Fulcrum’s dashboard and analytics, I can monitor student performance in real time,” noted Allegiant’s Manager of Flight Operations Training, Jeffrey Gruber. Since the training was implemented in February 2016, pilots have a 100% pass rate on the FAA written and oral exams.

“Fulcrum’s personalized, adaptive training brings us the peace of mind that our pilots have truly achieved mastery at every step of their training. It also gives us the analytics we need to be more effective and efficient in our training approach,” added Daniel McCoy, Allegiant Air’s Chief Learning Officer.

In part because of the extensive data insights and competency-based model, the FAA is in the process of granting Allegiant approval for unrestricted distance learning using Fulcrum’s courses. This is an unprecedented move in the commercial aviation industry.

We Love A Challenge

With the Brandon Hall Excellence Awards being the “Academy Awards” of the HCM (Human Capital Management) world, this validates the work that we’re doing every day, even beyond helping put more pilots in the sky. We are hoping that these technology advancements we’ve made in testing and learning evaluation lead to additional rewarding opportunities. As with our Allegiant Air collaboration, we’d like to help more learners succeed, evolve new learning cultures and empower more partners to make informed decisions and application predictions based on training data.